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Welcome to the ROI Calculators web site. These calculators quickly calculate and display the benefits of installing new Armstrong equipment into an existing setup as a retrofit or as a new system bid.

The calculators require minimal input yet output a wealth of benefits that can be used as selling points. If the initial results are positive, further investigation can confirm the default values or provide direction on how they can be modified. The calculator can be rerun any number of times.
Some data points are mandatory as inputs. Many can be easily chosen from drop-down lists. The default values can be changed to reflect actual values from your installation The benefits of the Armstrong Design Envelope products are identified on the output sheet.

Some outputs are financial:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Return on investment
  • Lifetime savings present value
  • Simple payback

Other outputs are energy related:

  • Peak demand reduction
  • Annual consumption reduction
  • Energy savings

We additionally convert our energy savings to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) savings, expressed as carbon equivalent in tonnes per year.